Project Progress


September 2018
  • Vascular service commenced in WHSCT.
  • Cardiac equipment procured
  • Phototherapy equipment procured
  • CDU/DAU opens in SHSCT
  • A&E Reform – Discharge lounge opens in Sligo University Hospital
  • All Island Transplant Conference
  • Leadership in Adversity Workshop delivered
August 2018 Community Paramedic Workshop delivered (Plan for Year 2 following additional funding from SEUPB).
July 2018 WHSCT Dermatology specialist Nurses commenced post and commence delivering services immediately. WHSCT procure capital equipment for dermatology service.
June 2018 Vascular Service commenced in Letterkenny University Hospital.  Project Assistant for Interoperability commenced (addressing the information requirements for all projects).
May 2018 Scottish Nurses commence delivering service to patients.  Launch of overall Acute Hospital Services Project (Connecting services, Citizens and Communities).
April 2018 Scottish Specialist Nurses visit NI and RoI to establish educational and training dermatology requirements in the Trusts and Sligo University  Hospital in RoI.  Sessional nursing support for vascular service appointed in Letterkenny University Hospital.
March 2018 A&E reform and modernization commenced (Sligo University Hospital).
March 2018 Launch of Advanced Community Paramedics Strand of the Project.
January/February/ March 2018 Provision of Mentoring Programme for Anaesthetists. Community Paramedic Strand is launched. Vehicles and equipment for Community Paramedics are procured.
February 2018 Recruitment of Project Assistant – Project staff, CAWT personnel and Commissioners visit Scotland
January 2018 Recruitment of Dermatology Nurses (Scotland) – Two Dermatology Specialist Nurses commenced who are leading out on education and training for all qualified and unqualified dermatology nurses in the eligible area
December 2017 First Project Board meeting and quarterly schedule of meetings agreed
November 2017 Sessional Vascular Consultants appointed to deliver services in both Letterkenny University Hospital and WHSCT
October 2017 Project Manager commenced post Vascular equipment procured for ROI and NI
September 2017 Recruitment of Clinical Pathways Manager
September 2017 Advanced Community Paramedics delivering services in the community they are based
September 2017 Commencement of training for Advanced Community Paramedics – Community paramedics commence studying for  Post Graduate Certificate in Glasgow University and immediately commence providing services to patients Clinical Pathway Manager.
August 2017 Creation of Steering Groups for Community Paramedic and Dermatology strands.
August 2017 Recruitment of 7 Advanced Community Paramedics – appointed in Buncrana/Carndonagh, Clones/Monaghan, Western Scotland and WHSCT.
July 2017 Project receives final Letter of Offer from the Special EU programmes Body for EU INTERREG VA programme grant funding up to the value of €8.81 million. Subgroups established for both Dermatology and Community Paramedicine made up from personnel across the 3 jurisdictions in the eligible area.
June 2017 Acute project receives funding of €8.8 m from SEUPB from EU INEREGG VA Programme. Project Board established.